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Investing in USA


Why invest in USA? (Click to show or hide)
•     For Canadians (and foreigners) this is perhaps one of the best times to invest in USA. We are currently investing there for several reasons:
•     Canadian dollar is currently stronger than the US dollar.
•     Current properties are way Below Market Value.
•     Buy properties that produce 15-18% cash on cash returns while you wait for the appreciation.
•     Great appreciation potential in the next 3-5 years.
•     The more property you buy, the wealthier you become.

Investments in USA do make an attractive proposition because of the current market conditions where the risk is minimized…and the gains are maximized.


At Sai Investments, We Find Exciting Real Estate Investments So You Don’t Have to Search!


How We Help You… (Click to show or hide)
•     We offer Amazing real estate turnkey investments that produce Great cash flow of 15 – 18% ROI (Cash on Cash).
Sai Investments is your number one source by providing the following services:
•     Locate areas with Highest ROIs (return on investment).
•     Conduct due diligence on property location/selection.
•     Provide you knowledge on the cross-border transaction process – legal and tax issues.
•     Will guarantee a tenant (renter) is in place, so the property, is cash flowing positive from day 1, anywhere between 15 – 18%.
•     Property Manager is engaged and already managing the investment.
How To Get Started… (Click to show or hide)
•     To start, take the first step:
1.     Contact us – let us do all the HEAVY LIFTING for you.
2.    BE the first to get ACCESS to our most up-to-date opportunities before anyone else. Whether it is for a personal or investment, we will have the right property for you!
3.     Let us guide you in the making right decision when it comes to investing the U.S. Our approach is simple, flawless and safe.
4.    Fill in your details to get a copy of our report ‘How to Make Big Bucks in USA’.