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Sai Investments & Consulting


Sai Investments helps you take full advantage of AMAZING opportunities in Money-Making real estate investments throughout Canada and the United States. We provide people with an easy, hands-off and highly profitable solution to investing in real estate.

We help take the guesswork out of real estate investing. By having expertise in locating, analyzing and structuring complete turnkey real estate investments, we help you succeed by minimizing risk and maximizing profitability.


What does Sai Investments do? (Click to show or hide)
•   We Offer Lucrative Real Estate Properties with Exceptional Returns on Investment.
What kind of properties do you offer? (Click to show or hide)
•   We offer properties that are BOUGHT, FIXED, RENTED, and MANAGED that produce GREAT POSITIVE cash flow. We do just this for our clients.
•   Our properties make sense the day you buy them. They start producing excellent positive cash flow immediately.
What is the criterion for your investment opportunities? (Click to show or hide)
•   Our properties must be in EXCELLENT growth markets.
•   Our properties must produce a GREAT positive cash flow.
•   Our properties must have STRONG appreciation potential. 
•   Our investment properties must be turnkey and fully tenanted with Management in place.
•   Our investment properties must be at or Below Fair Market Value.