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Investing with Sai

Unhappy with Your Current Returns?


»  Are Your Traditional Institutions, Money Market or Savings Account Only Earning 1-3%?

»  Are Your Investments and Retirement Accounts Not Meeting Your Expectations?

»  Do You Want to Diversify Your Investments to Get Better Returns?

»  Do You Want to Invest in Secured Real Estate but as a Passive Investor?


If you are looking for answers, We Can Help…


What can Sai Investments do for you? (Click to show or hide)
•     Sai Investments & Consulting provides our people with an easy, hands-off and highly profitable solution to investing in real estate.
•     We provide ACCESS to a lot of Lucrative, Money-Making Real Estate Opportunities throughout North America.
What Invest with Sai? (Click to show or hide)
•     Provide the Highest returns.
•     No experience Required.
•     Investment secured by property.
•     We do all of the work and provide all of the expertise.
•     We provide a clear exit strategy and minimize risk.
•     We offer investment opportunities that can be tailored to your investment goals (e.g. time frames, monthly cash flow vs. capital gains, etc.).
•     Leverage.
•     Win-Win Scenarios.

•     We provide Full hands-off turnkey properties that supply Huge Returns and Great Positive cash flow that is stress-free.