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Rent To Own with Sai

Need Help Becoming a Home Owner Today?


By working with us, you will…

»     Be a proud Home Owner living in a Beautiful Home of your choice.
»     Not need a Full Down Payment, Only a SMALL deposit.
»     Receive assistance despite bad credit, bankruptcy, late payments for tax issues.
»     Have the rent payments fixed for the duration of the contract.
»     Start building equity immediately & have the future price locked in at the beginning.
»     Take Advantage of Our Down Payment Assistance Program!


Why choose us?

At Sai, we put our clients’ needs first by providing:
»     Affordable customized programs that cater to each individual’s needs.
»     Creative options for individuals with small deposits.
»     Support and guidance for Home Owners on house maintenance & improvements.


How it works

Our Unique Rent To Own program is designed to help bridge the gap from renting to owning.  Instead of full down payment, only a small deposit is required and within 2 -3 years you can be a proud Home Owner!

Welland ON – RTO Summary – March 2014


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